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Remote Viewing of Daycares for Parents


Be Involved in Your Childís Daily Activities.


The viewing system, which is located at the daycare and managed from a secured access centre, provides a unique opportunity for parents to view live, real time video feed not "snap shots" or stills of their child, at the click of a mouse via the Internet. Parents and authorized family members such as grandparents, aunts and uncles are given a personal user ID code to access the facilityís cameras resulting in ability to view their child/grandchild live from virtually any computer or television with an Internet connection. Now, parents and family members can enjoy watching the growth and development of their child in the childcare environment as it happens.

"Itís just like having your daycare down the hall from where you work, you can just peek your head and have a look. I love it " I wouldnít be without it. "
R. P

Parent & SecureDaycare Customer


SecureDaycare realizes that for millions of parents, a double income is needed in order to support the family household. People have seen an increase in the number of working hours demanded by employers with less and less available time for quality family activities throughout the workweek. SecureDaycare has found the solution to this ever-growing concern using todayís most common portal, the personal computer and the Internet. 
Imagine itís 3:00 oíclock in the afternoon and youíve been in meetings all day. Too tired to tackle a new assignment you look out the window and see children playing in the park across the road. Your thoughts drift away to your child. You get on the Internet, log on to, type in your private user ID code and there she is, painting a picture of a house with colourful flowers, green trees and a bright yellow sun. For a few moments, you are taken into her world at day care, sharing in her creativity and imagination. You smile and sign off. Somehow, the meetings donít seem quite as bothersome as they did a few minutes ago. In fact, you tackle your workload with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. After all, you just reminded yourself what itís all about.

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO TAKE AN INTERNET PEEK OF YOUR CHILD IN THE DAYCARE enables parents to log-on to the viewing system through an Internet browser, such as Netscape Navigator (version 3.0 or later) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 3.0 or later). It can be accessed over any type of Internet connection, such as a modem, cable modem, ISDN and DSL line from any location. No special software or hardware is required for parents.


We have taken Extra precautions to make sure that your password is not accessible on the Internet. Our security is the same as which banks use for online banking. You can rest assured that you will be the only person that will have access to the system. 
Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is our commitment to you. 


SecureDaycare gives parents improved communication with day care providers via the Internet. SecureDaycare provides the daycare provider with a unique website that enables the daycare to communicate daily activity schedules, meal plans, newsletters and more. At the time that a parent visits the daycare viewing camera system to view their childís current activity the unique website of the daycare will provide useful information also. SecureDaycare provides an interface that enables day care operators to update the information on their website.

"Dear Wonderful Computer Guys, today I saw my 8 month old grandson crawl for the first time. There arenít enough superlatives to tell you how exciting it was" This camera thing is the greatest. Thank you for making it possible."



Parents get several benefits from watching their children at daycare via the Internet.
∑ They are comforted when they see their child playing and having fun.
∑ When parents get home from work, they can talk with their child about what they did at day care as if it was done as a family.
∑ Other members of the family can see the child and see a connection from wherever they live.
∑ If the day care centre goes so far as to have Web cams in its facility, parents can have confidence in it.





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