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Remote Internet Viewing for Daycares



Make Your Daycare the Best it Can Be.

The viewing system, which is located at the daycare and managed from a secured access centre, provides a unique opportunity for parents to view live, real time video feed not "snap shots" or stills of their child at the click of a mouse. Parents and authorized family members such as grandparents and aunts and uncles are given a personal user ID code to access the facilityís cameras resulting in ability to view the child live from virtually any computer or television with an Internet connection. Now, parents and family members can enjoy watching the growth and development of their child in the childcare environment as it happens.

"Itís just like having your daycare down the hall from where you work, you can just peek your head and have a look. I love it - I wouldnít be without it. "
R. P.
Parent & SecureDaycare Customer

Here is a sample of what you would see on your PC.


With chain and privately owned daycare centres increasing facilities to meet booming demand for childcare, parents are seeking quality services from daycare providers. With this increasing need to provide comfort and value for families of the children in your care, SecureDaycare began to offer an easy and cost effective way for parents to look in on their childís activity at the daycare facility. Utilizing simple technologies that have become commonplace in the homes and offices of many families, any parent can have a quick internet visit with their child at any given time during their stay at your day care.

By taking advantage of the internet and understanding how it can be used to better your facility's reputation and accountability, can enable you to provide even better comfort and security for both you and your clients.


SecureDaycare gives parents the ability to communicate with daycare providers via Internet. 
SecureDaycare gives daycare providers an Internet presence with a wide variety of services including:
∑ A customized website design tailored to the individual need of each daycare
∑ Email accounts
∑ A unique online community specific to each daycare
∑ State of the art video equipment offers an Internet presence for your facility; a means to communicate schedules, meal plans, emergency closings and newsletters; an increased sense of comfort to your clients; and a higher level of security and recognition in your field of business.
These along with many financial benefits have made SecureDaycare the leading Internet remote viewing solution provider for daycare centers and providers across Canada.


Base Package 
The SecureDaycare basic package includes 4 cameras and a website. Additional cameras can be installed.

Start Up Cost

A nominal start-up cost includes the installation of the 4 cameras and the setup of the daycare website. 


What are the benefits for the Daycare?
1.: We are building a community for Daycares. Allowing parents to communicate with daycare providers via the Internet. 
2. A reduction in your insurance cost through an affiliate of SecureDaycare. 
3. Giving reassurance to parents of what an important role Daycares have on their child.
4. A website to communicate with parents.
5. Parents are inclined to select a daycare with the viewing system.
6. Profit sharing. Parents that sign up for viewing pay $34.99 per month. The Daycare receives a payment for each parent that signs up with our system.

Q: Are we recording any of the images? 
A: No, itís a live streaming video and we do not record it. 

Q: How secure is it?
A: We encrypt all the login names and passwords. Our advanced computer facility is in a secure location. 

Q: How is the website maintained? 
A: SecureDaycare provides a simple and easy to use interface that enables the daycare director and teachers to update the information on the website. There is no need to contact SecureDaycare to make information updates, but our customer service team is always available to help when the need arises.

Q: What is the cost for parents and relatives to participate in the Internet viewing access? 
A: Parents that enroll in our system would pay a monthly fee of $34.99. 

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